Hopi artist, Gerry Quotskuyva created crafts most of his teen years, however he really didn’t discover art until his mid 30s. While attending college in Tucson at the University of Arizona and Pima community college, Gerry started creating crafts to supplement his income and it quickly blossomed into a desire to pursue art full time as a profession. ┬áCarving Katsina dolls in a contemporary style called the Sculpture style was Gerry’s primary focus which was well received within a short period of time. To complement his Sculptures at art festivals, Gerry started painting with acrylics on canvas and has won many ribbons in both categories at Museum Indian Art Markets including 3 Best of Show and 4 Best in Class ribbons. ┬áHe also has major collections at several Museums and Institutions with include Eigeljorg Museum and Xavier University and has been featured in radio and television specials, along with magazine and newspaper articles. Currently, Gerry is changing directions and working in bronze along with his Katsina Dolls, and already has received one ribbon for a “Corn Maiden” bronze.

photo credit: Sheryl Susenkewa


After several years of working on a Miniature Collectable Series, Gerry retired the miniature size of Sculpture dolls in 2015 and will be retiring the larger Sculpture pieces at the end of 2017. To continue carving as he pursues bronzes featuring the cultural side of Hopi, Gerry will focus on the Full Figure style of Hopi Katsinam. If you would like to order one of the Sculpture style pieces to ensure acquiring a piece before it's too late, please review the dolls in this style then call Gerry at (928)300-2206 to purchase.

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