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Nata'aska and Wiharu

The Nata’aska, or Black Ogre is a Chief among the Katsinam, and the Wiharu or White Ogre, appear together during the Bean Dance ceremony. They visit the homes in the village to intimidate the children and are constantly in motion to make sounds by stomping the ground with their leggings, or using saws to rake the ground… and speak with a deep growl. They are disciplinarians reminding the children to be good and demand food from the parents to feed the Katsinam within the Kivas. They are also reputed to take the child and/or eat them.

These two stand 4 1/4" tall to the top of the head with a total height of 5", and are already sold. While my ever popular style continues to flourish, these have design elements not seen before in my work, and I plan to carve several different Katsinam that I haven't been able to do before in the sculpture style. They will be mostly the warriors who wear a leather hide over the shoulders that will be exaggerated to replicate the design element of the cape in my earlier designs. Also, there is a change in the kilt, which will be replaced with their legs and both feet. I like this new direction which seems to demand more detail.

Incidentally, I won't be doing them this small anymore, but can replicate the design in a larger scale over 6". If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please email me at or call at (928)300-2206 and leave a message. Thank you. GQ


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