The Creation

Last year was an incredible year for the personal side of my life with the leadership/encouragement of a couple of friends in starting the main project we wished to undertake as the Verde Valley Ancestral Gardens. Previously, we had started a local Farmer's Market which is now under the caring leadership of two of our local busness', and continue to participate in the State's Adopt-a-road program. The event that occured last year, however, was the building of the Heritage Garden for the Verde Valley Archaeology Center in Camp Verde. It brought a lot of satisfaction at a much needed time, and this year we are looking at expansion with a couple of projects as we start the growing season. Please follow us here or on our Facebook page to see the progress as the season begins. Until then, here are a few snap shots of last year.

Work hard, keep the ceremonies, live peaceably, and unite your hearts.~ Hopi Proverb

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