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Angwusi, Crow Katsina, 2 feet tall!

Angwusi, Crow Katsina, 2 feet tall!

SKU: 117

23 1/2” T x 6” W at base

with a 10” wide wingspan

Cottonwood root/acrylics



This dude is a bruiser at almost 2 FEET tall!! He is gorgeous. The Angwusi is a warrior who appears during many of the summer months. He monitors the clowns antics and intimidates them for their bad behavior during the ceremonies.


In addition to the traditional meaning for the Katsinam, I include a contemporary injection into the artform. This includes the uplifting motion of the cape to represent the fact that all Katsinam represent Cloud Beings. I also use the shoulders, hand, knee and foot to create the impression of the body of the Katsinam within for the embodiment of the soul, and leave the cape open on one side just below the jewelry for a release or the spirit or heart within.

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