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Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl

SKU: 203

Limited Edition No 19/35

Bronze sculpture on walnut base

14 1/2" x 7" x 5" (including base)

PLEASE NOTE: Addiitional shipping costs may be incurred depending on weight


This piece was to epitomize a style of carving that was so popular, but unlike the carvings, I didn't make her a Katsinam. We are not suppose to cast our carvings of Hopi Katsinam. Also, since there are so many types of Butterfly Maidens, I chose to do an artistic rendition. 

Some of her features in the design includes no body, but the face, shoulders, hand, knee and foot gives you the impression of a body within the piece. Then the swooping up motion on the bottom of the cape is to represent the evaporative process, or the becoming of a cloud being, as all Katsinam represent. Finally, I leave the cape open on one side to represent a releasing of the heart from within.

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