Koyemsi / Mudhead

SKU: 113

8 ½” x 3”
Cottonwood root/acrylics


The Mudhead, or Koyemsi, is a unique character amongst the Hopi Katsinam. They are one of two groups of clowns in the Pueblo culture, and they take on many rolls in the ceremonies.   The mudhead is a multi-faceted clown and may appear in a chorus, singing the songs for the Katsinam as they dance.   At other times a single mudhead may appear as a drummer for a group.  Sometimes there may be Mudheads that will appear without the Katsinam to play games with other clowns as they ridicule the audience.   They often give prizes or rewards for the races and guessing games they organize. Some Mudheads even have the ability to speak and will call out names when a Katsinam is searching for someone who is to receive gifts, but for the most part, the Mudheads only speak in a garbled gibberish.

Work hard, keep the ceremonies, live peaceably, and unite your hearts.~ Hopi Proverb

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