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Lightning Bolt Katsin Mana

Lightning Bolt Katsin Mana

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20 1/4” T X 5 7/8” W X 5 1/2” D


Cottonwood Root/Acrylic

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Okay, it’s finally time to share one of my “pushing the envelope” pieces. This one is in my familiar style, but not one I’ve seen carved before.


It all starts with memories of a statement by my Grandfather and others... I heard that all Katsinam have female partners, you just have to dress them with the proper clothing to indicate a female. So I present to you today a Lightning Bolt Katsin Mana.


This came about from seeing a doll carved by a well known carver that caught my attention - the Lightning kachina. After a rather exhausting search, I did find one other Lightning Bolt Katsin Mana from the 30s online - and that made me start thinking about carving a Mana - but I didn’t follow through. However, I was invited to a party sometime later, and I saw another carving of a male in the hosts home! DONE! I decided to carve one.


I’m truly proud of and love this piece. I carved it several months ago but didn’t know what I wanted to do with it, so I put it into the exhibit at Tohono Chul. Now that the exhibit is over,  Glad to finally share. GQ

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