Nuvak'chin Mana, Snow Maiden Kachina

Nuvak'chin Mana, Snow Maiden Kachina

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5 1/4" T x 1 3/4" W
Cottonwood Root/Acrylic


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Snow Maiden, or Nuvak'chin Mana appears with the Hemis during the Niman Ceremony, also referred to as the Home Dance Ceremony. She represents the snow and also appears as one of the rasping Katsinam during the Niman Ceremony. She prays for the  snow to fall throughout the winter to bring moisture to the land for planting. 


In addition to the traditional meaning for the Katsinam, I include a contemporary injection into the artform. This includes the uplifting motion of the cape to represent the fact that all Katsinam represent Cloud Beings. I also use the shoulders, hand, knee and foot to create the impression of the body of the Katsinam within for the embodiment of the soul, and leave the cape open on one side just below the jewelry for a release or the spirit or heart within.