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Limited edition Giclee
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14" x 11 1/2"


Quiescent means to become still, quiet, or inactive.  Quiescence also suggests the calm center in the middle of a storm.  That is what this painting represents.  With war looming over our heads, fanatical behavior is abundant and I feel it is important to remain calm despite everything that is going on around us.  Historically, the Hopi people have always believed that everything eventually passes, so we shouldn’t worry too much about things. 

In this painting, the Red Beard Longhair is floating on the panel, as if hanging in limbo.  The double lines above the head are war marks representing the current war that is looming over our heads.   The hair, beard and feathers are freely flowing to signify the chaos around us.  The symbols that wrap around the head resemble the helmet worn by the Spanish Conquistadors, who at one time threatened the Hopi way of life.  This threat required the Hopi to rise to battle in order to protect their traditions.  The petroglyphs symbols around the Katsina depict the migrations of the people, the food that we depend on for our survival, an ancient One to recognize our ancestors, and a medicine wheel to encourage the peace and healing that we all must go through to find stillness once again.