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Limited edition Giclee
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10 1/2" x 14" 


The Sun Katsina, or Tawa, represents the spirit of the Sun.   He is very popular with Hopi painters and Katsina carvers, but he seldom appears in the Katsina dances because the performance of the rituals is considered sacred.  Some consider Tawa the father of all Katsinam. 


The style of this painting comes from a series that I call “Ancestral Echoes”.  In this series, the background is painted to look like a slab of rock containing petroglyphs.  I use these symbols to acknowledge the fact that the petroglyphs were truly an art form and to recognize that they are also the messages left to us by our ancestors.  This painting is also part of a series of mixed-media paintings I have recently created using Hopi clan symbols.


The band at the bottom represents the many different types of clouds recognized by Hopi.  The male clouds are identified by the sharp stair-step patterns that represent the aggressive, harsh rains that just run off.  The female clouds are the softer sloping or curved symbols representing the soft, gentle rains that soak into the soil.  The dots and dashes contained within the band symbolize the rain that is brought about by the clouds.