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$1,200.00 Regular Price
$1,020.00Sale Price

11 1/2” tall including 1/2” base

5 1/2” at widest spot

5 1/4” deep

Cottonwood root/acrylics



The Hilili is a whipper or guard Kachina that appears during several different ceremonies. They are considered adopted Katsinam from the Rio Grande Pueblos who were brought over to Hopi to keep their multifacted spirit alive and appear in many forms. Their name refers to the call they make as they move around the plaza while the ceremony is going on. This sound is accompanied with a loud hoot as they vigorously shake from side to side. Sometimes the spectators will find the personality of one of the Hilili entertaining and you can hear the people chuckle as the Hilili proceeds to it’s next location.

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