Creative Gateways

Gerry's Sedona's Studio. 

Unique in Sedona, with both working studio and gallery space, visitors walking through the door often remark that they can almost viscerally feel a living creative hum.  Open to all, and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time to meet the artists and engage with the creative process.

native treasures

Native Treasures, a MIAC Art Market, is a major fundraiser for the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Every year more than 200 Native artists from across the country, sell their work in downtown Santa Fe.

fine art america

The School for Advanced Research (SAR), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational institution, was established in 1907 to advance innovative social science and Native American art. Its 15-acre residential campus is located on the historic east side of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the nation’s oldest capital city.