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Morning Singer /Talavai

Morning Singer /Talavai

SKU: 121

21 3/4” tall

5 1/2 wide at base

7 wide feather headdress


Cottonwood Root/Acrylics



During the night dances, the Talavai, or Morning Singer, will appear as a pair. They will stand on the top of each kiva during the night dances and sing their song as the regular procession of dancers perform. The ceremony occurs in February and is named for the beans that are sprouted within the kiva and shared with the people of the village.


Please note, If you are interested in a larger piece, I do have more wood available at the moment, and would love to do a commission for you. Please check out my gallery of previous carvings and we may work on a commission from there. You can call me at (928)300-2206 to discuss details further. Thanks, GQ

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