Ogre Woman

SKU: 109

9” x 3”
Cottonwood root/acrylics


The truly frightening Ogre Woman, or Monster Woman, appears during the Powamu Ceremony (Bean Dance) as one of the many Soyoko who threaten the lives of children or adults who have been misbehaving. She is considered to be the sister to all monsters.  Dressed in black, with long straggling hair, piercing eyes and wide fanged mouth, she will go from house to house demanding food from the young children.  She carries a bloody knife and a long hooked stick, which she uses to reach for and intimidate the children.  She will also threaten to cut off their heads with the large knife she carries or put them in the basket on her back to further terrify her young audience.

Work hard, keep the ceremonies, live peaceably, and unite your hearts.~ Hopi Proverb

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