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My first 11 month Museum Exhibit!

Since my return from Santa Fe in December, I have focused on co-curating an exhibit with the Amerind Museum in southern Arizona that has been quite the experience. Many people have come together to create what is essentially a 25 year retrospective by loaning artwork for 12 months along with a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. One of the most important things that occurred was on a personal level, however, and that was my residency at the School for Advanced Research who provided a sanctuary where I was able to rediscover my creative side and bring back that passion that drove me to create over the years. I would like to thank everyone involved in making this possible.

The exhibit wasn’t fully installed when I left Amerind after delivering the pieces, but I will share the pre set up photos for now. One of the greatest things I felt from seeing everything in one room was the diversity of my body of work . This came about from all the experimenting I did, thus creating several different styles in the various mediums I dabble in. I have three different styles of Katsina carvings, four different series in paintings, bronzes, interpretive pieces, and soon to be added, glass wall hangings. Sizes vary also, with carvings as small as 4 ½” up to 5’ 2” tall, and to paintings as large as 4 ½’ x 9’.

All of this combined really shares my journey as an artist. It is my goal, now, to return to Amerind within the next several weeks to photograph the installation and eventually share those photos. Until then… enjoy a glimpse of the beginning.

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